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GTA 4 Cheats that will Transform your Social Life

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No, I don’t find it quite baffling that every bit of my social life is about finding cheats for GTA 4. I play the game quite a lot. Okay, that’s wrong. I play it all the time. It’s the one thing that’s constant because I’ve made friends from talking to people about GTA 4 cheats. And I’m not ashamed about admitting that either.

As evidence of my utter love for Grand Theft Auto IV, I dedicated my social life to it both online and in real life. Every bit of time I have on the side is set aside for playing the game. Ask me about how I do it and I’ll give you a rundown of my day. It’s pretty simple and nothing’s random. I’m organized, structured and pretty much on a strict time frame. But it all revolves around one thing – GTA 4 cheats and hacks and showing other people how to play the best PC game in all the world.

Grand Theft Auto is my Facebook, my Twitter and my online social profile. I’ve never been good at anything in my life except for playing this game and making tons of friends online teaching the GTA IV cheats. I’ve been playing the game since it was released in 2008 so I can call myself an expert at this point. The best way I could show the world my talent for playing video games is through the very honest profession of teaching. If there was a world where people like me would be paid to teach people how to cheat at video games, I’d be the president.

GTA 4 Gameplay – My Social Hang-out

Do I consider myself a professional? Absolutely. I feel like I went to school and got my graduate degree in GTA 4 cheats. How else can you call 5 years of learning and completing the Grand Theft Auto Series game on my PC? No one can accuse me of failing at this “hobby”. I have and always been a video game fanatic. It just so happened that GTA IV became a personal favorite.

I have played other PC games before like a true geek. I know my way around an XBOX console. I was born to play video games, what more could I possibly say? It’s just within my nature to be very good at accomplishing games via hacks and tricks. But I just recently realized that I could do something about this passion for GTA 4 cheats. So I randomly thought of showing people how to do it.

I first got started when I played the hospital massacre scene with a buddy of mine from my neighborhood. I told him that I had my own gameplay which would take me only 10 minutes to complete. He didn’t believe me. So I dared him to pay me if I could show him how. He’d been playing GTA 4 too but not as often as I was. While laughing at me for being so serious about the bet, he handed me a couple of bucks. That was the only time I got paid for a tutorial on GTA 4 cheats.

Four weapons, lots of bullets and 10 minutes later, I completed the mission. He was floored at how fast it all went. He stared at the screen for a while probably thinking he shouldn’t have made the bet. I could tell he was secretly jealous of how good I was. He looked at me and said, “Well, so there was that.” And then I remembered giving him the console and letting him try.

The feeling was great to be able to show a friend some GTA 4 cheats. He called several of his friends to hang out with us and played the game. My gameplay was shared to a total of 5 people that night and I was at the center of it all. I felt like a rock star! I was finally becoming known for the talent I secretly possessed – something that my own family is unimpressed with. After several beers and many gameplays, I decided to make this my career story. And I’ve been doing it ever since.

Now my ideal hang-out is spending it on my couch staring into my big screen perfecting my persona in the game. On occasion, I play it with my so-called friends – the ones I play with online. Since the game allows 16 people on a single gameplay, I can have as many 16 friends at any given time to teach. I know it isn’t much of a friendship but they’re my people. 

They’re very much like me – just a random guy spending all his time and money on playing video games. I know how they think so playing GTA 4 with 16 other video game freaks is like having your own party. Within those hours I am made whole and I am truly breathing. Yes, I can be a tad dramatic about this. In my head, I am Niko Bellic and I own Liberty City.

I may have come here a stranger but everyone knows who I am now. They know my name because they whisper it in the shadows. I am the killer, the car thief and the criminal mastermind behind every chaos on the streets of East Holland. Whenever a chase ensues, I am the driver behind that stolen car being chased by a brigade of police cars along Valdez Street.

In every stone block and pavement of this city, I’ve made my imprint. All of the senseless bloodshed, of cars blowing up or of people dying in the streets, Niko Bellic had dealt his hand on it. But in every mission accomplished despite the chaos of it all, my gameplay and the GTA 4 cheats were front and center. Without such strategies and hacks, how long do you think people would last in the game?

Favorite GTA 4 Cheats

For my GTA 4 circle of friends, our friendship means daily strategies, hacks and GTA 4 cheats on missions. Life is all about traversing the streets, riding a stolen police vehicle. Or, having to skate through a park on a tattered engine and hitting people along the pathway just so I can prove this to be the best shortcut. If I have to kill a cop or all of them, I would just to win the game. 

I can get through a mission with ease using GTA 4 cheats. To play without using any tricks is close to impossible, well, unless you have all the time in the world to figure out what to do. Grand Theft Auto needs a player whose every bit Niko Bellic’s persona in real life except you don’t have to actually kill someone to prove it.

Niko Bellic is a criminal and because of that, you have to think like one too. In every situation, you’d have to think of how NIko would have done it? Would you kill or steal, jump or run to go to the next level and do it all over again? It’s all about choices and strategies, really. 

It’s easy to explain how if I showed it to you in person. I used to have such a migraine because no one gets it right the first time. I’d always get a “Can you do that again?” from “students”. Don’t laugh at me if I called them that. So I got creative about it. To be honest, I also got pretty annoyed by the increasing number of people coming to me and asking for a tutorial.  

I decided to use my social media pages at first. But then I couldn’t handle all of the requests. I was like Father Christmas; people were writing to me asking for requests. So I finally gave in and settled on YouTube. I would post a video of my gameplay and cheats to explain what it was for and how it could help.

Some of the best experiences I have teaching the GTA 4 cheats involve around cars because I love how Bellic is such bad driver for a criminal of his standing. He’s the epitome of street chaos; he’d rather hit someone with a vehicle than have to shoot at them. If he were me, I wouldn’t just use any ordinary car to do it. I’d be hitting in style, as they say. There’s a GTA 4 cheat for the type of vehicle you want to use and end the play with. You have the option of choosing one at random, of course, but where’s the fun in that? 

I would ride the DHL yellow delivery truck if I have to. If you’re fond of sports cars, there’s a GTA 4 cheat for that one as well. Luxury buses, motorcycles or a military tank, it’s your choice. You can take a plane if you have to. The point to every gameplay is, don’t die.

I don’t like getting shot back. Gun fights are the worst because I don’t like wasting my strategy on killing as many people as I can. I prefer car chases more. But the thing about using weapons is the GTA 4 cheats give you so much options. So many choices, in fact, you’ll end up not using all of them. My motto has always been: If you get into a gun fight, use a GTS 4 cheat like a pro. 

Grenades are good for killing 3 to 4 people at one time. Use it sparingly with a high-speed gun like an AK-47 or better. You’d have to get shot at many times if you stay longer in a gun fight. But no worries, there’s a cheat for unlimited lives to fix that little hiccup. So you can waste your weapons on as many shootouts as you can, you’d still get up and have the chance to do it all over again.

If you fancy a hand-to-hand combat, I truly do recommend getting into the Hulk mode. Yes, there’s a GTA 4 cheat which can add the bad ass green monster to your gameplay. It’s not impossible at all because I’ve mastered this cheat for a long time. You can build an entire story around the Hulk. He’s very good at throwing things (or people) to kingdom come. He’s also very good at making you bleed.

All it takes is one blow – just on simple blow and the fun immediately starts. If you’re interacting with another player in the game and you happen to be in Hulk mode, the combat is as animated as it can get. In some instances, it gets a bit funny if you try to create story out of it. You’ll end up spending hours and hours of chases, car crashes and a lot of memorable conversations. I promise you, turning green has never been so fun in GTA 4. 

If all GTA 4 cheats were random, the game would make players quit. It would be unpredictable and your strategies would mean squat. None of the storylines or the expensive cars would make you want to play it over and over again. There’s only one point to using all the GTS 4 cheats and it’s to make the game fun as you interact, survive and complete your mission like the good criminal that you are.

GTA 4 cheats are a cool way to control the wheels of the game. That’s all I ever really wanted by sharing it to the rest of the world.  Fortunately, I gained many friends because of it. I honestly believe that these cheats became the tool that made me want to make more friends. Otherwise, I’d be the same lonely video game geek I have always been. 

Whatever you fancy in the game, you can have if you use the GTS 4 cheats early in the game. As you progress, you’ll discover more uses per cheats. Nothing gets wasted if you’re keen and observant. The thing about cheats for GTA 4 is this: It’s more fun if you share it with other people and then use it against each other. Outwitting another person would give you that extra push to learn more.
You can tell I am passionate about GTA 4 cheats because this has been my social life’s greatest asset. It has literally created a social life for me. I don’t know about you but virtual friendships are as meaningful to me as my actual relationships are. And that’s a big deal for someone like me – a video game enthusiast with a passion for game cheats that could save the world. Well, at least I try to.